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63rd Anti Tank Regt, Move In

A photo discussing the terms of the truce.Liberation of Bergen Belsen

Richard. I. G (Dick) Taylor, (Lieutenant-Colonel) (63rd ATR) (left on pic)
Commanding Officer of the 63rd Anti-Tank Regiment. “A great number of them [the inmates] were little more than living skeletons with haggard yellowish faces. Most of the men wore a striped pyjama type of clothing—others wore rags, while women wore striped flannel gowns or any other clothing they had managed to acquire. Many of them were without shoes and wore only socks and stockings. There were men and women lying in heaps on both sides of the track. Others were walking slowly and aimlessly about—a vacant expression on their starved faces.” April, 15

Benjamin George Barnett, Capt. (Later Maj.) (63rd ATR) (second left)
249 Battery 63rd Anti Tank Regiment (QOOH) Receiving his orders on 13 April, Lt Colonel Richard Taylor, officer commanding, 63rd Anti Tank Regiment (QOOH) selected 249 Battery commanded by Major B Barnett to move into the neutral zone and take over the camp at Belsen

Oberst Harries (centre) and Schmitt can be seen, the other soldier is currently sadly unidentified


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This archive has been established after my own relative, Reg Price, took part in the liberation and subsequent humanitarian effort of Bergen Belsen in April 1945. Reg produced this famous sign at Belsen. As part of the 113th DLI, Reg and his comrades were at Belsen for 5 weeks and left when the last hut was empty and ceremonially burnt down. This archive compiles all available resources to build a lasting tribute to all the men and women who helped - any unit, any nationality. If you have a relative, or any info, on the relief effort at Belsen, we’d love you to please get in touch. Email us: liberator@belsen.co.ukThank you Nick Price CreativesFacebookTwitter