bergen belsen concentration camp

List of Units at Belsen

1 Vascular Injuries Research Team
10 Military Government Garrison Detachment
102 Control Section Early May 1945
102 Mobile Laundry and Bath Unit
104 Mobile Laundry and Bath Unit
11 Light Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. (Field Hygiene) 17/04/1945
113 LAA Regt Royal Artillery 18/04/1945
113 LAA Regt Workshops R.E.M.E. 18/04/1945
11th (British) Armoured Division Mobile Bath Section
12 Displaced Persons Assembly Team
14 Amplifying Unit, Intelligence Corps 15/04/1945
155 Detail Issue Depot
1575 Light Artillery Platoon R.A.S.C.
1576 Heavy Artillery Platoon R.A.S.C.
15th Scottish Division Mobile Bath Section
163 Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 08/05/1945
166 DID R.A.S.C.
172 Battery, 58th LAA Regiment RA
174 Battery, 58th LAA Regiment RA
22 Field Transfusion Unit
224 Military Government Detachment 17/04/1945
29 (British) General Hospital R.A.M.C. 16/05/1945
3 Military Government Inland Detachment
30 Field Hygiene Section R.A.M.C.
30 Field Transfusion Unit
314 Mobile Laundry and Bath Unit
317 Field Security Section, Intelligence Corps
32 Casualty Clearing Station R.A.M.C. Field Hygiene 17/04/1945
35 Casualty Clearing Station R.A.M.C. 16/05/1945
35 Pioneer Group, Royal Pioneer Corps 29/05/1945
37 Kinema Section RAOC
404 Company R.A.S.C.
567 Company R.A.S.C.
Clearing the KZ
618 Military Government Detachment
63rd Anti Tank Regiment Royal Artillery (Worcestershire and Oxfordshire Yeomanry) 15/04/1945
6th Airborne Division Mobile Bath Section
7 Field Transfusion Unit
7 Mobile Bacteriological Laboratory
76 Field Hygiene Section R.A.M.C.
8 Corps Mobile Bath Section
81 (British) General Hospital R.A.M.C.
817 Military Government Detachment
9 (British) General Hospital R.A.M.C. 28/04/1945
904 Military Government Detachment
908 Military Government Detachment
912 Military Government Detachment
D Platoon, 567 Company R.A.S.C. (American Field Service).
No 5 Army Film and Photographic Unit
No. 1 War Crimes Investigation Team
Investiation of War Crimes

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