Bergen Belsen Memorial

Despite the annual britishness tweets of the liberation of Belsen, there is no memorial at the site for all the nationalities who went to help.belsen memorial roundhouse

Every year official accounts, from the Prime Minister to the Armed Forces, tweet and press release Belsen. Yet apart from this printed plaque at the Roundhouse, (the former Wehrmacht barracks at the building which was called Roundhouse), there is no other mention of the service personnel (Canadians, Americans, Europeans, Australians etc) who came to help and no such mention of anybody actually within the grounds of the Bergen Belsen original site (Camp 1).

This must change for the 80th Anniversary of the Liberation of Bergen Belsen. Can you help?

This archive is looking for any details of any personnel who, to remember them and from which initiate a permanent memorial at the site. We are looking for PR, newspaper coverage, donations (via Paypal link on this site), individials or simply snippets of info that can help this archive thrive. The more info we collate, the more people, relatives and organisations will get involved. It’s about time we got that memorial built, isn’t it?
No more annual tweets Prime Minister et al, action.

This website: “It looks very impressive and will support our work.” Klaus Tätzler, archivist of the Bergen-Belsen Memorial Museum

belsen memorial

Photos courtesy of Klaus Tätzler, archivist of the Bergen-Belsen Memorial Museum.

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