• Michael Frey

    My grandfather, Michael Frey (1922-2006), fled from Vienna in 1938 to British Mandatory Palestine where he joined the British Army and became a part of what would soon turn into the Jewish Brigade Group, which in turn became a part of the 8th Army in 1944.  6,271 total views

  • Norman Turgel (53 FSS)

    Norman Turgel, a soldier in the British Army, met the woman whom he immediately knew he would marry. Just days later, they were engaged. (53 Field Security section of British Intelligence Corps)  9,477 total views

  • William Robert Fitzgerald Collis – Red Cross

    William Robert Fitzgerald Collis (1900–1975) was an Irish doctor and writer. As an author he was known as Robert Collis. As a doctor, he was commonly known as Dr Bob Collis. Maurice Collis was his elder brother.  7,175 total views

  • Names on Photos

    Two photos with signatures on the reverse. All served with the 113th Durham Light Anti-Aircraft Infantry.  6,618 total views

  • Bill Parkinson

    My grandfather, Bill Parkinson, was among the British soldiers who went into Bergen Belsen in 1945.  7,323 total views

  • Conrad Wilson – AFS

    My grandfather, Conrad Wilson, was a Quaker and a conscientious objector. Although his pacifism steered him away from picking up a gun, his conscience told him he should contribute in some way to the war effort. AFS gave him the outlet he had been looking for.  7,453 total views