• Liberation of Bergen Belsen

    Keith MacLellan (1SAS)

    Keith William MacLellan (1920-1998) (first left on photo) was a modest, quiet man who didn’t like to draw attention to himself.  6,765 total views

  • M.G. Morrison

    Father Michael Morrison

    Five years ago I was invited to give a series of lectures aboard The World, a luxurious ship owned by its super-rich residents which cruises (pace Matthew Arnold): “Round the world for ever and aye”. The day before I disembarked in Sicily, one of them asked me to lunch. “I’d like to give you a book,” he said.  6,500 total views

  • Helen Bamber

    Helen Bamber OBE

    Helen Bamber OBE was a psychotherapist and Human Rights activist. She was born in London in 1925 and joined the Jewish Relief Unit in 1944.  7,160 total views

  • bergen belsen concentration camp

    Joy Taverner – Queen Alexandria’s Nurse

    My husband’s grandmother (now 82) was a nurse during the War and has a book-worth of stories to tell. The following are 2 letters that she has written to me describing her nursing work during the beach landings and entering Belsen…  7,412 total views

  • Peter Weaver 1SAS

    Peter Weaver 1SAS

    Philip Humphrey Peter Weaver – 1SAS. Arriving at Belsen with his 1SAS unit Peter Weaver stayed on, as interpreter to Lt.Col. Taylor OIC 63 Anti Tank Regiment RA who were the first troops to stay any length of time in Belsen.  160 total views

  • johnny cooper 1sas

    Johnny Cooper 1SAS

    Eighteen-year-old Johnny Cooper volunteered for the SAS in 1941. Johnny Cooper was one of the first two non commissioned soldiers to join L detachment of the SAS the regiment, and helped build the service up to the effective force it is today.  114 total views