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Harold ‘Tug’ Wilson C Sqn – 11th Armoured Corp

Harold was a driver in the 2nd Fife and Forbar Yeomany which is an armoured regiment, part of the 11th Armoured Division represented by a black bull on their tanks.

Harold tug wilson Belsen

Harold used Sherman tanks and eventually went onto comet tanks – he arrived D Day plus 9 and took part in the various large scale bloody battles to take Caen.. (google it!) – Operation Epsom June 44, Operation Goodwood July 44, Operation Bluecoat August 44. He went onto the BAttle of the Bulge which was a horrific battle.. again google it. It was the 11th Armoured Division that liberated Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp.

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This archive has been established after my own relative, Reg Price, took part in the liberation and subsequent humanitarian effort of Bergen Belsen in April 1945. Reg produced this famous sign at Belsen. As part of the 113th DLI, Reg and his comrades were at Belsen for 5 weeks and left when the last hut was empty and ceremonially burnt down. This archive compiles all available resources to build a lasting tribute to all the men and women who helped - any unit, any nationality. If you have a relative, or any info, on the relief effort at Belsen, we’d love you to please get in touch. Email us: you Nick Price CreativesFacebookTwitter