• Sydney Gottlieb

    General practitioner who became a leading psychiatrist to jazz musicians, actors, and writers.  220 total views

  • Sister Mary Bond (29th BGH)

    Posted with 29th British General Hospital (29th BGH) to Belsen in May 1945, by which time ‘I was proud to be a senior Sister with many added responsibilities’.  126 total views

  • Gisella Perl

    Gisella Perl (10 December 1907 – 16 December 1988) was a Hungarian Jewish gynecologist deported to Auschwitz concentration camp in 1944, where she helped hundreds of women as inmate gynecologist without the bare necessities to perform her work.  230 total views

  • 75th Anniversary Press – James Heath

    Adrian Andrews, who lives in Bishop’s Stortford with wife Gunta and their two children, has written a book, A Pithead Polar Bear, about his grandfather’s Second Word War service, including the liberation of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.  544 total views

  • Martin Herford

    Colonel Martin Herford, the most decorated Doctor of WW2 failed to join RAMC in ’39 so he joined the Finnish Volunteers but was bored; he made his way to Egypt, via Russia and Turkey, to finally join RAMC and evacuate the wounded from Greece and win the MBE.  244 total views

  • Clement Edwards

    As a newly qualified doctor, Edwards was attached to an 11th Light Field Ambulance (LFA) unit which landed on Sword Beach soon after D-Day; he and his colleagues then joined the Guards Armoured Division as it advanced through France and Belgium to northern Germany.  367 total views