• Albert Norman Turner (Tom)

    Here is a picture of my late father Albert Norman Turner (Tom) 59 Mechanical Equipment platoon sitting right to one of Reg Price’s painted signs.  6,825 total views

  • Brigadier Robert Daniell

    Having smashed through Belsen’s gates and the first building he came to, scattering guards in all directions, Daniell found a trench 150 yards long filled with naked bodies; he then broke down the door of the camp hospital, in which 90 per cent of the patients were dead.  6,802 total views

  • Michael Frey

    My grandfather, Michael Frey (1922-2006), fled from Vienna in 1938 to British Mandatory Palestine where he joined the British Army and became a part of what would soon turn into the Jewish Brigade Group, which in turn became a part of the 8th Army in 1944.  5,955 total views

  • Bedford QLB

    The 113th LAA can be seen here on the VE Day Parade. We asked various forums to confirm the vehicles.  7,277 total views