• Liberation Day

    Despite the camp being entered first on Sunday 15 April 1945, by eight men of the 6th SAS and then 1–3000 men of 11 and 29 Armoured Brigade, these troops stayed no more than a few hours and moved out to continue the war.  2,983 total views

  • Albert Norman Turner (Tom)

    Here is a picture of my late father Albert Norman Turner (Tom) 59 Mechanical Equipment platoon sitting right to one of Reg Price’s painted signs.  5,368 total views

  • Brigadier Robert Daniell

    Having smashed through Belsen’s gates and the first building he came to, scattering guards in all directions, Daniell found a trench 150 yards long filled with naked bodies; he then broke down the door of the camp hospital, in which 90 per cent of the patients were dead.  5,417 total views

  • Michael Frey

    My grandfather, Michael Frey (1922-2006), fled from Vienna in 1938 to British Mandatory Palestine where he joined the British Army and became a part of what would soon turn into the Jewish Brigade Group, which in turn became a part of the 8th Army in 1944.  4,519 total views