The Liberation of Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp

Welcome this new archive relating and dedicated to the men and women service personnel and the part they played at the Liberation and subsequent Humanitarian Effort of the Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp in 1945: The Liberation of Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp.

We are now inviting any relatives of service personnel who may have been at the camp to get in touch. We do not believe there are any records of the diverse group of men and women, many completely untrained, who were involved with the camp, after it’s liberation.

Those That Served

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MacAuslan, Alan David Rowan (Medical Student)
St Thomas’ Hospital, medical student Alan MacAuslan joined a volunteer party of aid relief comprising of medical students from London’s teaching hospitals. More
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

MacClancy, Patrick Dr. (Red Cross)
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

MacLellan, Keith W (Lieutenant) 1SAS
A Canadian from Aylmer, Quebec. The first Canadian to enter the camp. More
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Malindine Edward G Capt.

Mallon, John Sgt. Major (58th Light A.A Regt)
Sgt. Major 58th Light A.A Regt. Men of which had been detailed for guard duty at Belsen after its liberation. A Liverpool man. Willow Place, Fair-street.
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Mandel Irene

Mandel John Eric

Marcovitch, Jack
Canadian Regt.
Submitted by: Canadian Regt.

Mark, Jos (Major) 43rd Wessex Division
43rd Wessex Division More
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Markey, Lesli
My uncle Lesli Markey was with the first into Belsen he was never the same man when he came back. He spoke to my mother about it once and said they had walked through the gates of hell . And never spoke of it again .
Submitted by: Lesley Hill

Marks, Charles (Charlie)Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Marne WO

Marsh Edward Deryk

Marsh, George Henry (Sgt)
113 Light Anti-Aircraft Regt R.A.
Submitted by: 113th DLI Archive

4453856 Sergeant Walter Marsh Death: Dec. 9, 1943 (Training Accident) 4453856 Sergeant Walter Marsh 368 Bty., 113 (2/5th Bn. The Durham Light Infantry) Lt. A.A. Regt. Royal Artillery Died age 27 Son of Walter and Charlotte Marsh, of West Hartlepool; husband of Eliza Marsh, of West Hartlepool. Burial: Stranton Grange Cemetery Hartlepool County Durham, England Plot: 5. Div. B. Uncons. Grave 817.
Submitted by: 113th DLI Archive

Marshall David Ronald

Mather, William H. Lt. Col. (113 LAA)
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Matthews Andrew Edward Bertie

McCabe, Patrick (RASC)
1561 Lt AA Regt Platoon RASC
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

McCorkindale Campbell Alexander Lt. Col.

McDonnell, Reg
Royal Engineers
Submitted by: Archive

McFarlane, Jean Miss
British Red Cross Civilian Relief Team Part of the first group of 6 teams. x5 British Red Cross and Order of St Johns (now St Johns Ambulance) and x1 Friends Relief Service. Arriving night of 21st April, starting 22nd April.
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

McGhee, John (RAMC)
Army No: 7382606 Rank: Private Service Trade: Nursing Orderly Unit: 67th British Military Hospital RAMC Call up Date: 7th July 1940 Dispersal Unit 16th May 1946
Submitted by: Peter McGhee

McGowan, Robert (RAMC)
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

McHattie, Jimmy
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

McLennan, Jim
113th Light Anti Aircraft The Royal Artillery. 369 Battery. Regimental number 11425219
Submitted by: 113th DLI Archive

McLuskie John

McQuillin Terence

Meade Bernard William

Meiklejohn, Arnold P. Dr.
UNRRA. Dietician More
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Messer, Arthur (113th LAA)
Lance Bombardier. 1st Class No 1658027. My grandfather died almost 24 years ago, he never really spoke too much about his war time service however, I do know he was in the 113th LAA and I know most of the route he took from D-Day by reading around general histories and some personal accounts.
Submitted by: Andy Fawcett

Meyers, Edward R (AFS)
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Michelmore Edwin Cpl.

Michie A.M. Lt. Col.

Midgley, Norman (AFPU)
No 5 Army Film and Photographic Unit (AFPU) More
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Miles, Ken
Engineer and Driver Later racing legend
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Miles, W.H. (Major) 224 MGD
224 Military Government Detachment Arrived 2pm on 17th April
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Miller, Nathaniel, Major. 224th Parachute Field Ambulance, RAMC
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Millin, Bill
Piper More
Submitted by: John Millin

Milstein, Aubrey (Royal Enginners)
"We got here three weeks after the liberation and there were still bodies littered everywhere. It took six months to bury them all" More
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Mitchelmore, Edwin
Corporal. 113th DLI From Plymouth
Submitted by: 113th DLI Archive

Mollison, Patrick L. Capt. (RAMC)
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Molyneaux James Henry (later Lord)
Corporal Jim Molyneaux, RAF. A nine-man specialist group of commandos to reconnoitre for airfield sites. More
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Mongomery Mrs.

Montagu Lt. Col.

Moore Andrew David

Moore Reginald

Moore, Alan (Lieutenant)
Australian official war artist, VX93880 Lieutenant (Lt) Alan Moore Lt Moore was briefly attached to the Welsh Guards during his war time service with the Australian Army. Whilst at Belsen, Lt Moore made several paintings, sketches and drawings as a record of Nazi atrocities committed against the inmates. More
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Moore, Patrick
D Company, No.3 Commando More
Submitted by: Neil Davies

Moreham, Frank (Gnr)
113th Durham Light Infantry RA 368 Battery Mentioned in Despatches c April 1945 More
Submitted by: 113th DLI Archive

Moren, Archibald George
Born June 3, 1924 to a family of four that shared a one-room flat in a London tenement, Moren's service, whether to his country, his friends, or his customers, took him much farther. The tumultuous years of World War II set much of life's stage for Moren, who as teenager did night duty as a firewatcher, looking out for enemy bombing raids, atop the roofs of London. During the day, he served as an apprentice to his uncle, who was the maitre d' at the posh Mayfair Hotel. At 18, he was conscripted by the British Territorial Army, trained as a tailgunner for the Royal Armored Corps and sent off to fight the Nazis. The next years brought adventure and triumph for Moren. He landed on the beaches of Normandy, north of American troops, on D-Day, and later was among the first Allied forces to enter the concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen in Germany. After the Allies' victory, Army officials decided Moren's restaurant experience made him well suited to become a cook for the occupying forces in Germany.
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Morgan James Horace Sidney

Morgan, Harry (RAMC)
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Morris, George
George Morris, Royal Armoured Corps, was from Bradford, West Yorkshire. He arrived at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp 13 days after it had been liberated. More
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Morris, Robert William
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Morrison, Michael C. (Padre)
Photo More Father Michael Morrison (October 1908, Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland, U.K. - April 1973, Dublin, Republic of Ireland was an Irish Jesuit priest. Educated at Sexton St. Christian Brothers, and at the Jesuit Mungret College, Limerick, he trained as a Jesuit Priest in St Stanislaus College, Tullabeg, Co. Offaly from 1925, and was ordained on July 31, 1939. Arrived on 17th April with the 32nd Casualty Clearing Station (a mini field hospital),
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Morton, (Lt)
113th Durham Light Infantry RA 370 Battery Mentioned in Despataches c April 1945
Submitted by: 113th DLI Archive

Motz, Arnold (AFS)
May 18, 1915 - August 15 3013 Motz was the pastor of Woodland Park Chapel in Portland for 58 years.
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Murdoch, Peter William (63 ATR)
63 Anti Tank Regiment RA
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Murphy, E J (Lieut)
Offered services to D Platoon, 567 RASC, American Field Service
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Murray F. J. Lt.

Murray, F. Capt (RAMC)
224th Parachute Field Ambulance, RAMC More
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Murray, John
My uncle John Murray drove a bulldozer burying all those people
Submitted by: Harry Stanley

Murray, Marion (Sister)
My aunt, Sister Marion Murray from Dornoch in the county of Sutherland who served on hospital ships.
Submitted by: Chris Murray

Murray, N.J. Capt 658 Squadron AOP
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Murrell, P E (Major) (113 LAA)
Commanding Officer 369 Battery
Submitted by: 113th DLI Archive

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This site will progress and I’d encourage anyone with any info to get in touch. My granddad, Reg Price served with the 113th Durham Light Infantry*, as part of 369 Battery. As a signwriter, he produced this sign…

Liberation of Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp
The Sign at the Liberation of Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp

And this was kept in the family for years – so for the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Belsen in 2020, subsequent VE Day and VJ Day, I thought it’s about time I’d try to find out more about Reg – his comrades (many of which are names, simply written on the back of photos), what they did together and for a way to remember them all, properly.

To coinicide with the anniversary, I was able to be filmed both on national and local BBC TV to tell Reg’s Story.
Whilst this was totally out of my comfort zone and I dreaded every moment – I decided I needed to do something to start this all off. BBC Midlands Today aired 7th May and a VE Day Antiques Roadshow Special aired Sunday 10th May.

Read here about The Heroes of Belsen.

The main photo, shown here was coloured for the 75th Anniversary and we’ll tell you all about it shortly – and what happened next!

*Just 113th Durham Light Infantry? No we are interested in all Service and Medical personnel who took part during the humanitarian effort at Belsen Concentration Camp. Their roles and names are largely forgotten, as many were too horrified to ever speak of what they had to do, so this archive seeks to form a tribute to ALL those that were there, to find out more and to remember them.
If you have a relative, or any info, on the relief effort at Belsen, we’d love you to please get in touch. Email us: – Thank you


The Liberation of Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp

Any 113th Durham Light Infantry friends or family are encouraged to get in touch via

** In 1938 the old 5th Battalion DLI changed its role to Searchlights and then in 1940 to Anti-Aircraft. This 113th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment went to Normandy in June 1944 and joined the advance into Germany in early 1945.
Official designation – Brigade: 100 AA • Division: 30 Corps. • Unit: 113 LAA Regt. RA (DLI) TA.

The Liberation of Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp
Names of British soldiers who liberated Belsen

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