Welcome this new archive relating to the men and women service personnel and the part they played at the Liberation and subsequent Humanitarian Effort of the Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp in 1945.

We are now inviting any relatives of service personnel who may have been at the camp to get in touch. We do not believe there are any records of the diverse group of men and women, many completely untrained, who were involved with the camp, after it’s liberation.

Those That Served

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Fagan, James (113 LAA)
The soldier featured in these pictures was James Fagan. James served as a driver/mechanic with the 113th (Durham Light Infantry) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery having started his military service before the war as a Territorial with the 5/6th Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders based in Paisley. He is shown at the wheel of his Bedford QLB ‘Bonnie Scotland’ which the vehicle markings tell us was Tractor number 3 belonging to J Troop of 370 Battery 113 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery. More
Submitted by: Roddy Brown, Chairman The Scottish Military Vehicle Group

Fairweather, John, Walter (Jack) - poss 113th LAA
Chief amongst these soldiers’ descriptions of the horrors of Belsen are the letters of 11407267 Gunner John Walter Fairweather (known as Jack). His son Stephen found three hundred and seventy six letters covering the period December 1943 to November 1946 which Jack Fairweather sent to his wife-to-be Renee. Five were dated between April 23rd. and May 10th. 1945. Such was the dreadful reaction of the Allied authorities to finding Belsen, they relaxed the censorship restrictions and encouraged the soldiers to tell everyone ‘back home’ what they had seen. Jack Fairweather makes this very important observation in his first (and longest) letter dated 23rd. April 1945, four days after his arrival.
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Farmer Capt.

Farrar, Samuel Baxter (113 LAA)
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Fay, Vincent Capt. (Army Chaplain)
British Army chaplain of 9th British General Hospital More
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Fegan, Christopher Edward (Cpl)
REME My father was a corporal in Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers.
Submitted by: Coin Fegan

Fergusson, Keith Maxwell (Medical Student)
Medical Student. St Thomas Contacted Typhus at Belsen
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Fiennes, Nathaniel (Lord Saye & Sele)
We went into lots o huts and camps. The smell was appalling, and there were rows and rows of people inside. You couldn’t tell whether they were dead or alive: they might have been either. “And then outside we saw a tractor and trailer with heaps of bodies on it, and a German sitting on top of the bodies smoking a cigarette. “Close by there was an enormous pit and in it perhaps 500 bodies, but it may have been a thousand, I don’t know. It was a very large number of bodies.”
Submitted by: Archive

Findlay, Alexander
Unit unknown More
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Name: FINDLAY, JAMES Rank: Serjeant Regiment/Service: Royal Artillery Unit Text: 369 Bty., 113 (2/5th Bn. The Durham Light Infantry) Lt. A.A. Regt. Age: 22 Date of Death: 11/07/1944 Service No: 2880635 Additional information: Son of James and Helen Findlay; husband of Winifred Joan Findlay, of Hickling, Norfolk. Grave/Memorial Reference: 2. C. 13. Cemetery: HERMANVILLE WAR CEMETERY
Submitted by: 113th DLI Archive

Fink Alice

Finke Hans

Fisher, Emmanuel (Pte) 32 CSS
32 Casualty Clearing Station
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Fisher, Francis George
Army Number 1490783 Rank Gunner Arm of service RA (LAA) 369 LAA BTY 113 LAA regt R A (DLI) TA Date of last enlistment 15.7 1939 release leave certificate 16 Jan 1946 We believe he acted as a fitter on the Anti Aircraft guns (I assume) he had made mention that if shells failed, he was responsible for clearing and reloading the guns.
Submitted by: 113th DLI Archive

FISHER, FREDERICK GEORGE Gunner Service Number 412152 Died 30/09/1944 Aged 36 369 Bty., 113 (2/5th Bn. The Durham Light Infantry) Lt. A.A. Regt. Royal Artillery Son of Constance Fisher; husband of Ethel Mary Fisher, of Stockwell. London. Buried at ARNHEM OOSTERBEEK WAR CEMETERY
Submitted by: 113th DLI Archive

Fisher, Harold D. (RCAF)
Harold was born in 1920 and enlisted in the RCAF in 1941. He served with 407 Squadron and then No. 2 127 Wing of Tactical Force at Tangmere on the south coast of England. On June 11, 1944, they sailed for France and landed at Beny-sur-Mer, Juno Beach. Heavy losses were incurred by their unit over the coming weeks. Harold volunteered to drive supplies into Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp after it was liberated. No words can describe the horrors encountered there. After VE Day the men in Harold’s unit volunteered to go to the Pacific theatre of war but it was over before that was necessary.
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Fletcher, Sydney John (RAF)
My father, Syd, never talked that much about his wartime service with the RAF Regiment but occasionally reminisced about his mates, guard duties at the War Ministry in London, making friends with the mayor of a Belgian town, always the lighthearted side of wartime exploits. However toward the end of his life he suddenly divulged that he was present at the liberation of the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. It was one of the rare occasions I saw my father cry - the memories too painful to put into words. Most accounts of that liberation do not mentionThe RAF role .
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Foley, Martin (Sapper)
Royal Engineer (59 Plant Troop) 866 Mechanical Equipment More
Submitted by: David Foley

Forsdick, Dennis Henry
Guy's Hospital medical student. Forth Michael James

Fox, J P (Major)
Commander of 30 Field Hygienic Unit. From Dublin, Ireland,
Submitted by: Belsen Archive

Fuld Heinz Maj.

Name: FULTON, ANDREW LIVINGSTONE Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Lance Bombardier Regiment/Service: Royal Artillery Unit Text: 376 Bty., 113 (2/5th Bn. The Durham Light Infantry) Lt. A.A. Regt. Age: 22 Date of Death: 28/06/1944 Service No: 2984157 Additional information: Son of David Smith Fulton and Jeanie McMaster Fulton, of Paisley, Renfrewshire. His brother Angus McIntosh Fulton also fell. Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead Grave/Memorial Reference: XVIII. E. 26.
Submitted by: 113th DLI Archive

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This site will progress and I’d encourage anyone with any info to get in touch. My granddad, Reg Price served with the 113th Durham Light Infantry*, as part of 369 Battery. As a signwriter, he produced this sign…

Belsen sign
Belsen sign

And this was kept in the family for years – so for the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Belsen in 2020, subsequent VE Day and VJ Day, I thought it’s about time I’d try to find out more about Reg – his comrades (many of which are names, simply written on the back of photos), what they did together and for a way to remember them all, properly.

To coinicide with the anniversary, I was able to be filmed both on national and local BBC TV to tell Reg’s Story.
Whilst this was totally out of my comfort zone and I dreaded every moment – I decided I needed to do something to start this all off. BBC Midlands Today aired 7th May and a VE Day Antiques Roadshow Special aired Sunday 10th May.

Read here about The Heroes of Belsen.

The main photo, shown here was coloured for the 75th Anniversary and we’ll tell you all about it shortly – and what happened next!

*Just 113th Durham Light Infantry? No we are interested in all Service and Medical personnel who took part during the humanitarian effort at Belsen Concentration Camp. Their roles and names are largely forgotten, as many were too horrified to ever speak of what they had to do, so this archive seeks to form a tribute to ALL those that were there, to find out more and to remember them.
If you have a relative, or any info, on the relief effort at Belsen, we’d love you to please get in touch. Email us: – Thank you


Any 113th Durham Light Infantry friends or family are encouraged to get in touch via

** In 1938 the old 5th Battalion DLI changed its role to Searchlights and then in 1940 to Anti-Aircraft. This 113th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment went to Normandy in June 1944 and joined the advance into Germany in early 1945.
Official designation – Brigade: 100 AA • Division: 30 Corps. • Unit: 113 LAA Regt. RA (DLI) TA.

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