Diary of Events


13 Apr Application by Germans to 8 Corps for truce.

15 Apr 63 A Tk Regt HQ and 1 Bty and I Ty LAA entered the Camp.

17 Apr 32 CS and 11 Fd Amb arrived — 224 Mil Cl Det arrived. BCS 8 Corps ordered arrest and disarming of all SS personnel.

18 Apr 10 Garrison took over comd of the Camp. 113 LAA By RA arrived, having covered 238 miles in 22 hours.

19 Apr 113 LAA Regt relieved 63 A Tk Regt. 369 Bty took over Concentration C.amp. 370 Bty took over male Reception Camp, prison and guard duties.

20 Apr 10 FW 190s machine-gunned 32 CCS at dawn. 1575 Arty PI RASC took over all supplies for the Camp. 800 Wehrmacht prisoners escorted through the German lines in accordance with the terms of the truce

21 Apr 368 Bty took over the Arsenal. the female Reception Camp. the Mil Hosp and work in the Hospital area. 113 RHQ and REME Workshops established A the Barracks.

23 Apr 6 dets of British Red Cross Society arrived.

29 Apr 102 Control Section relieved 10 Garrison. All SS prisoners transferred to CELLE gaol.

30 Apr 100 volunteer medical students arrived by air from UK.

4 May 9 Br Gen Hosp arrived. All Wehrmacht patients evacuated from Mil Hosp.

5 May Hostilities on 21 Army Group front ceased. Russian Battalion relieved Hungarian guards.

8 May VE Day — March-past and Victory salvo fired by guns.

14 May New Reception Camp opened in Officers’ IllIg quarters. First Reception Camp evacuated and taken over by 9 By Gen Hosp as new hospital area.

15 May Russian Battalion left for repatriation.

19 May Evacuation of Concentration Camp completed.

21 May Last hut of Concentration Camp burnt to the ground.

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