Hello welcome this (hastily) set up website relating to the DLI and the part they played at Belsen Concentration Camp in 1945.

This site will progress (I promise!) and I’d encourage anyone with any info to get in touch. My granddad, Reg Price served with the 113th Durham Light Infantry*, as part of 369 Battery. As a signwriter, he produced this sign…

Belsen sign
Belsen sign

And this was kept in the family for years – so for the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Belsen, subsequent VE Day and VJ Day. I thought it’s about time I’d try to find out more about Reg – his comrades (many of which are names, simply written on the back of photos), what they did together and for a way to remember them all, properly.

To coinicide with the anniversary, I was able to be filmed both on national and local BBC TV to tell Reg’s Story.
Whilst this was totally out of my comfort zone and I dreaded every moment – I decided I needed to do something to start this all off. BBC Midlands Today aired 7th May and a VE Day Antiques Roadshow Special aired Sunday 10th May.

Read here about The Heroes of Belsen.

The main photo, shown here was coloured for the 75th Anniversary and we’ll tell you all about it shortly – and what happened next!

Those That Served

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There are 36 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.
Salt Charles
Sanderson, Joseph Wyatt
369 Battery, 113 Durham Light Infantry Mentioned in Despatches c April 10, 1945
Submitted by: 113th DLI Archive
Sands Mary
Schofield John Edward
Scholes Thomas
Seeking, Reg (Sergeant-Major)
First in: SAS More
Submitted by: Archive
Sharp, C P (Major)
113 Durham LAA
Submitted by: 113th Durham Light Infantry RA
Shellard Arthur Thomas
Shepherd, Walter Ernest Arthur (Jack)
113th Light A A Unit.
Submitted by: 113th DLI Archive
Sheridan Roger
Silva Jones Molly
Silverberg Morris Roger
Sim David Gordon
Simpson Fred
Sington Derrick Lt. (later Capt.)
Sington, Derrick
63rd Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery
Submitted by: Archive
Name: SKINNER, HAROLD Rank: Gunner Regiment/Service: Royal Artillery Unit Text: 113 (2/5th Bn. The Durham Light Inf.) Lt. A.A. Regt. Age: 22 Date of Death: 07/07/1944 Service No: 1780611 Additional information: Son of William Thomas Skinner and Emily Winifred Skinner, of Brockenhurst, Hampshire. Grave/Memorial Reference: I. B. 2. Cemetery: SECQUEVILLE-EN-BESSIN WAR CEMETERY
Submitted by: 113th DLI Archive
Slade, Christopher
225 Company Pioneer Corp 21 Army Group and was moved to 71 Company Pioneer Corp, then 229 Detachment Military Government. 6 sections of the company were moved to Belsen in May 1945. Christopher was then part of the British Army of the Rhine and part of the 618 Military Government ‘R’ Detachment. Christopher was at Belsen until around June 1946, and was awarded a papal medal by the Vatical Mission at Belsen in March1946. While at Belsen he met Marlene Dietrich in relation to Marlene’s sister Elizabeth.
Submitted by: Archive
Smart, Owen (Sergeant)
‘Before we entered the camp I had never heard of Bergen-Belsen. I knew nothing of what had been going on. We heard about atrocities, which are bantered backwards and forwards, but we didn’t realise really what it was, and then it was just after that, that all the rest of it came about, other camps just like Belsen. 'But to me the name Belsen after that was shocking. I didn’t see anything of the inmates in the prison really. I saw a few, possibly the remainders of those that were fit enough to be put into a hospital – but I didn’t see many of the actual people. They had been taken away, or the remains of them. That was awful... There’s no doubt that after seeing something like what had gone on in Belsen, it does stay in your mind and never goes away.’
Submitted by: Archive
Smith Allen Alexander Maj.
Smith David Robertson
Smith Fred
Smith-Allen, Maj. Alexander
113 Light Anti-Aircraft Regt R.A.
Submitted by: 113th DLI Archive
Smith, J (Sgt)
113th Durham Light Infantry RA 370 Battery
Submitted by: 113th DLI Archive
Smith, Leslie Charles
Spottiswoode Col.
Stagnetto Lewis Sgt.
Stevenson John
Stewart Alexander Bryce Capt.
Stone Joseph Ellis Capt.
Strange David McPherson
Stretch T.J. Padre
Stretch, T J
British army chaplain
Submitted by: Archive
Sutton, Edwin Oliver (Reverend)
My grandfather Edwin Oliver Sutton was born in Hankow, China (a district of Wuhan) in 1902. He was a Methodist minister and served as a chaplain in the British Army in the second world war. He joined the newly formed 11th Armoured Division – known as the ‘Black Bull’ – under Field Marshal Montgomery, and he was one of the first Allied soldiers to participate in the liberation of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp 75 years ago today. Apparently, one of his main tasks was assisting with burying the bodies and helping to mark the graves of those who died in that camp.
Submitted by: Archive
Sweetapple George Edward Phillip
Swift Edmund

Just 113th Durham Light Infantry? No we are interested in all Service and Medical personnel who took part during the humanitarian effort at Belsen Concentraion Camp.


Any 113th Durham Light Infantry friends or family are encouraged to get in touch via

* In 1938 the old 5th Battalion DLI changed its role to Searchlights and then in 1940 to Anti-Aircraft. This 113th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment went to Normandy in June 1944 and joined the advance into Germany in early 1945.

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